St. Louis Wedding: Kennedy

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These wedding photos turned out to be the definition of making the most of what you have to work with. Yes, granted, I was blessed with my best friends who are picture ready, and an ever so gorgeous couple to make my job easier. To start the day off, it rained on and off for the whole day- but did that stop the determined? Nope. Instead we wandered our way over to the Heirloom Room off of Cherokee Street, where the owner let us use it as a space to take their "first look" photos. After, I reached into my Mary Poppins trunk of treasures and "Plan C" options and pulled out two kick ass, clear umbrellas. Magic. Serious awesomeness drizzled with awesome sauce happened. Not to mention Ryan and Rebecca looked like something out of a wedding magazine. After pictures and the ceremony - which was perfect, I stumbled upon obstacle number two for the day. My toe. I'm sorry- my toenail. Singular. One toenail vs. the large, evil metal door. Let just say the score was left at Metal Door - 1, Jenna's Toenail - 0. BUT where there is a will, there is a way. So with the help of my beloved Chris and Uncle, we sanitized and wrapped it with gauze, and enjoyed the rest off the night with our bestest of friends- including Mr. Jack Daniel's, and danced the pain away for the night.

A special thanks to all the vendors that helped make Ryan and Rebecca's day just as awesome as they are!


Flowers & Weeds


Tadashi Shoji "Ines" dress, bought at BHLDN in Chicago


J. Crew


Hers: Adam Foster Jewelry

His: TinySparkleStudio on Etsy


Earrings: Rack & Clutch

Hair Stylist

Adrienne Sandusky

Makeup Stylist

 Adrienne Sandusky


Hers: Betsy Johnson "Champagne Sparkle Heels" bought from BHLDN online


Designed by Rebecca Lee


Bogarts: whole hog 
Athlete Eats: Appetizers 
Bridget Buyna: fruit crisp desserts
Bride's Family: cookies & miscellaneous desserts


Mike Smith


Jefferson Underground


Groom's playlist
Chris Lee - DJ assistant :)
Cory Wilson: guitar at ceremony


Origami Cranes: Mother of the Groom
Misc decorations: created by the Bride and her family




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