St Louis at home Lifestyle Session with the G Family.

Lifestyle sessions are one of my favorite sessions I get to shoot. The pressure for the family is gone. They have one job and that is to be themselves. Once I arrive, I will direct the session and we start the routine. Is it almost bedtime? Do we get to play outside or read a book before bed? I document these moments to freeze time for a moment. If I could put every photo from this session in my website gallery I would.


The Grelle Family

St Louis

One of my favorite moments from this session is here below. Just a dad and his son chatting about whatever. When we slow down and take the stress out of photos, little moments like this can happen. Will dad be able to remember what his little one was so intently talking about? Maybe. But, most certainly he will see this and think back on how it felt to hear his son, excitedly tell him the story.


1. 2. 3. JUMP. At home family photos are the best. The kids get to show me around, we aren’t messing up their routine too much, and the silliness factor is off the charts.

I’m going to end with this image. If you look closely there’s a tiny butterfly. It came to visit us multiple times during their session. Butterflies hold a very special meaning to this family. Sometimes a photo that looks like any other photo to anyone else, means the most to the people in it.