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Lifestyle photography is more than yearly family photos looking straight into the camera. It’s a time to be unapologetically unique. Be messy. Go on adventures. Cuddle at home on the couch and play games. Whatever you do, please BE YOU.

Family photos should capture what it feels like to be your family. The little giggles, the teenage angst, the mess that always happens in the kitchen. When you think back at your own childhood what do you remember the most? What do you wish you could bottle up and keep forever? That’s what I want to capture for you.
— me
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How do we know what do during the session?

I GOT YOU!! Seriously. The years I have spent photographing families has helped me create an experience that will allow us to get photos that will last a lifetime.
Once you email me, I will send over a questionnaire to get us started. From there we will pick out an activity/location and get you on the schedule. If you have additional questions that are not answered below, just ask!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are these sessions scheduled?
    All lifestyle, engagement, branding etc are scheduled Monday- Thursday. Sessions can take place anytime between 10am and 1.5 hours before sunset. Sessions last about an hour which makes it easy to fit in right after school or over an extended lunch break.

  • What about weekend availability?
    I am equal parts lifestyle & wedding photographer. Weddings are given priority on Saturdays, because that’s almost always when they happen. Fridays are also reserved for weddings and to allow me time to prep for weddings. Approximately one weekend per season will be available for Lifestyle sessions. I promise you it’s worth making it work on a weekday!

  • I wanted an outdoor session, what happens if it rains?
    Rain does not mean NO photos. Are we going to melt? When is the last time you played in the rain, like for real played in it. Splashed in the puddles, made a mess and lived in the moment? If you absolutely don’t want to get rained on, we can move indoors at your home or favorite place to hang out. If it’s a crazy thunderstorm, yes we can reschedule.

  • My house isn’t very pretty, do you have location ideas?
    I need to be real with you, I recently felt sad because I went looking for photos of an old apartment and I didn’t have one. It wasn’t my dream place to live but it served a purpose and now I can’t remember what it looked like. Your home is perfect and even if it’s not “instagram pretty” it’s yours and it’s your home. So tidy it up, make it feel good and the rooms that you spend the most time in and that have the best light, we will hang out in there.

  • I saw this photo on Pinterest and this family was matching and had cute props and I want to do the same, so how do we do that?
    STOP. Please. Nothing makes me more upset than seeing families try to one-up or recreate other family photos. No. No. NO! This is a teachable moment. Your family is weird and cute and adorable and perfect in their own way. I will not plagiarize another artists’ work or ideas nor will I spend time during your session looking at images to recreate. If this is a must have for you, we are not a good fit and that’s ok. If you were just looking for inspiration and feel stuck, let me help you.

  • What’s included in the session? Do we get all of the digitals?
    I am a big believer that you should be able to purchase what best fits your needs. Products like prints, albums and digital images can be purchased after your session. This is separate from your session fee to ensure that you have a custom experience that’s right for you. Some folks want just one photo others want them all. I don’t charge a print minimum or pressure you into products you don’t need.

Here’s a look at what a shoot looks like and more info below!

Lifestyle Sessions at home

From newborn to going off to college, the possibilities are endless. Here’s a few more details about how the session will go.
Newborn session:
What to wear: For parents and siblings, I would recommend dressing in muted or neutral colors. For the newborn, a plain onesie or plain diaper cover will work best. Avoid bright colors and distracting patterns.
What to do: Normal routine is something that will change quickly. We want to document this time as it is. Feeding, cuddling (lots of cuddling) and their tiniest of details.
When do we schedule & How long is this session: The baby runs the show. Newborn sessions are typically scheduled when the baby 3-10 days new. Plan for about 2 hours. Sometimes we can get all of the photos we need in an hour, but I never want parents to feel rushed because newborns have no schedule and there’s no real bribing of an infant.
Where do newborn sessions take place: In your home. I will come to your home for this session. I want to document this time of transition in your life. The pretty and the mess and every detail in between.

Lifestyle session at home
• So you come to our house, then what?
Prior to your session we will discuss things you like to do as a family. After your first session your kids will be so excited for photos because when they see me they know they get to do fun stuff. Here are some ideas that every family can do.
• breakfast for dinner. make pancakes or favorite foods
• build a blanket fort. String lights are a must
• craft time or making cookies
What about meltdowns? We all have off days, there is beauty in that too. I encourage people to always have snacks on hand. For the kids AND the grown ups. Snacks and water. Nothing can change a mood like being hangry. Also, if you plan on incentivizing your kids, please try and wait until absolutely necessary. If we are constantly saying “ you get a toy if you are good” throughout the session, then this session becomes too forced and the experience will have unmet expectations.
• Are you sure you got any good shots? I don’t know how many times I get asked this, but I promise you are not alone. I want to get rid of the idea that your family has to be perfect in any way other than how they already are. Let the craziness happen. Let your kid be weird and silly. When you focus on creating real moments through whatever we decide to do, that’s when the magic happens. Be present, do your normal routine, I’ll do the rest!

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Adventure-Vacation Sessions

I go where you go, my darlings.
Explore your neighborhood. Go on a hike. Run down a beach. Let your imagination run wild creating new memories as a family. Planning a family vacation this year? Let me know! Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about taking photos and instead get to focus on being in the moment!?


Are you ready to book your session!?

Fill out the form below. Let me know what type of session and any questions you may have. Please include where you are located too! For a more in depth look into sessions and to keep up with what’s new, head over and check out the BLOG.

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