Fall 2019 Newsletter
( STL Session Dates)


Oh hey! Would you look at that! It’s September and we’d love to be laying down relaxing but that doesn’t happen this time of year. You probably already know I can’t keep anything short but I’m going to do my best. The dates are listed below. The booking process and what to expect is there too. There are pretty photos to look at as you read so your eyes don’t get too tired. If you are reading this you are the first to know what dates are available. On these dates, daytime (9am-3pm) sessions are available much more than the evenings so make sure to include a few options for those times too. ** Oh and if you are getting this and are thinking “why the heck am I getting this email I don’t have any kids or my family is all grown” This is the only time each year that I announce specific dates for family sessions, however these dates can be used for couple/anniversary photos too. If you know anyone with family that you think would be a good fit send them my way and tell them to name drop you.

Something I have noticed over the years is the impact my style of photos have on kids and families. For the families that come back once a year (or multiple times) they understand that it’s much more than just standing in front of a camera dressed cute. The kids know that they are going to have fun. They love telling me stories of what they have been up to or seeing what color my hair will be next. My favorite thing is when I tell a kid they can do something that normally might not be allowed, like get dirty or smash cake in dads face. My soul lights up with the silliness and the troublemaker side of me is super happy too. Each session I work to shake off all the predetermined rules of how photos should be and replace them with fun, imagination and adventure.  

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading through all of the info below. Thank you for trusting me to document your life and make memories with you!

With love and weirdness,


Let them make the faces they like to make.

There are few things that I will tell people to do or not to do during a shoot but every parent of little ones has been “asked” by me to leave the room or not to direct the kiddos. That’s my job I say. But really I want the kids to feel free to be themselves. If there was a secret to good photos it’s just be yourself and let the kids too.


Session Pricing

No changes have been made since Fall 2016:) Sessions are 350. Once you get your proofing gallery you can choose to customize your session in whatever way fits your needs. Prints, Digital Images, Albums are all available for purchase after your session. 

Once you receive your online gallery (3-4 weeks after your session) YOU then have the ability to customize your session however you want. Prints & Digital images are purchased directly through the online gallery. No need to wait on me. Want to purchase all of the digital images from the session? Great, go right ahead from your gallery:)  Albums & Canvas orders are ordered through me and I can step you through that process via email. 


ALBUMS: I want you to hold your photos. I want you to sit down as a family and look through photos. As the kids grow older I want them to see themselves in your home and be excited to have favorite photos & memories that they see everyday. Lifestyle photos are an investment and I truly believe they should be displayed in ways that you will cherish for years and years. Albums are like my babies. They are my favorite thing to design for my clients and it lets me feel like I truly was able to tell their story when I hand over the book. 

PRINTS: Remember that time we went to Olan Mills or JC Penny and walked out with a stack of prints? Then we distributed them to our closest family members and then the same single image was displayed in every home we visited. Now people text photos back and forth and maybe share on social media and there’s a huge disconnect. There is truly something magical about holding a printed photo in your hand. Did you know that having photos displayed in the home can also have a positive impact on our lives? Like scientifically, kids who grow up with photos of themselves on walls and displayed in homes have higher levels of self confidence. Also, pro tip, kids who see photos printed of themselves being weird or silly get more excited for the next photoshoot. (especially the kiddos photographed by me because we get to do silly faces at least once at every shoot. SO please, print your photos. I keep prints so ridiculously underpriced because I want you to fill your home. :) 

DIGITALS: A lot of people ask about digitals. It’s 2019 and it’s truly the main way people experience their photos. Although I want people to have prints and albums, I also want everyone to have a way to back up their photos by using their Digital Images in a way that allows them to keep photos forever.  Digital images are a product that can be purchased individually or there are packages available for multiple images. Most folks want all of the digital images and that is definitely an option as well. Once you get your online gallery you have complete control over customizing your shoot to fit your needs. 

BACKING UP DIGITAL IMAGES: I am going to write a bigger post about this but until then I want to highlight the most important thing about your digital images.

 DIGITAL IMAGES NEED TO BE BACKED UP. In order to safely back up your digital images here are a few tips. 

1: purchase an external hard drive. These run less than $100 on amazon and will have more storage that you most likely will need. 

2: Download your purchased digital images to your computer. 

3: Create a folder on hard drive with whatever way you choose to organized. I prefer to start with the date in number form followed by a name or activity ex. 9.5.19 Birthday trip Sequoia. 

4: Copy the images from the download folder to your new folder on the external hard drive. 

5: Create an account on Google photos or Amazon or whatever online photo storage site you love. Upload the photos to that online.

PRO TIP 1: The rule is that your photos should be backed up in a minimum of three places. To do this having a copy of your external hard drive that lives at a friends house or at work is a GREAT way to ensure that your digital photos have the chance to be secured. 

PRO TIP 2: printed photos have a longer life expectancy than digital images when digital images aren’t properly backed up. 


*CLIENTS: If you would like access to your old galleries (shoots before January 2019) and need the new link you have two options. replace jelizabethphotos.com portion of your original URL and put www.clientphotogallery.com with the /whatever-your-gallery-name-is  If this doesn’t work, please email hello@jelizabethphotos.com to access your past galleries.


Lifestyle sessions at home are as much as my favorite as hiking mountains. The memory making magic is on an entirely different level when you do photos in your home. You go about your regular routine of things you do and I freeze time for you. To see from the outside what it looks like to be your family. From snuggles on the couch to searching for paper work. The tiny moments are endless and they go by way too fast. Let me worry about the photos you focus on living and being you.


This newsletter is the first one in this format. It’s hopefully a direct way for me to get important information directly to you. I have so many dreams for this thing. I want it to be filled with information about photography. I want it to be a go-to place to answer questions about photos and life. I want to write random stories and fill you in on the latest weird story about something I find humorous. 

It’s a work in progress. My goal is to have an update email to you all once a month. But, I’ve released THREE newsletters in three years so that’s a BIG goal to obtain. So I might have to start with once a quarter. 

Here’s what I do know. I am so very thankful for you. Im not going to get all mushy and sentimental (maybe a little). This newsletter is going to be the first stop for important news but also for certain stories I want to share with the people who care the most. You get first priority always. This is my eleventh Fall season and I wouldn’t be doing this without you. I have really big goals for what is next for J Elizabeth Photography and the impact we can make together. By showing up as ourselves we allow others to do the same. By being your weirdest self and letting me take photos to show how perfectly imperfect you are, you take the pressure off the next person who might think they have to be someone else’s version of perfect. By letting the mess stay on the face or leaving the temporary tattoos on, by letting the meltdown happen and holding your baby you are empowering other people to have gratitude for the beauty in every day. Thank you for this opportunity to tell your story and create memories with you.



After you look over the dates email hello@jelizabethphotos.com and give me a couple of options. If you have daytime availability let me know. Daytime sessions are great to showcase your routine or to do something fun like playing hooky from school or taking a long lunch. Morning sessions are something I will be offering a few times this Fall. Daytime & morning sessions have more availability than the after school slots;) 

** it’s Fall and I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the need to have the most perfect posey family photo ever. My hope this year is that you choose the photo that feels most like your family as your card photo this year. I love seeing the cards people design and I highly recommend Minted.com for your card needs. 

She doesn’t know I’m putting this in the newsletter but I am because I love her so very much.
Everyone, meet Taylor & Tucker.
— Jenna
taylor sm-3.jpg

Just a couple of months ago I was tiredly walking through the airport in Chicago. I was minding my own business, and by this I mean I was making squishy puppy noises every time these two would walk by. Tucker had his service dog vest on, which meant he was on the clock. I know better than to approach or touch a service animal. So I just kept making noises and cute pup sounds with Kyle. On what I think was the third time walking past, she looked at me and said “do you want to pet him.” Those 6 words changed my life, like for real. We end up talking for a bit and I will write our story in long for a little later but basically she asked for a job on the spot and I was floored. A few days later we met up for our first meeting and she has rocked my world ever since.

This is Taylor. She is my new assistant and I couldn’t be happier. I had given up on the idea of finding anyone who would see through the hot mess of my brain and be able to make sense of it. She is in her Master’s program at Brown School at Washington University here in STL. She’s ridiculous and silly. She’s way smarter than I am and I learn from her everyday. She’s empowered me to do so much already and it’s only been two months.

I am very excited to see what happens next. To see where we take J Elizabeth Photography and the other businesses we have cooking up. I’m going to leave a few more photos of this dynamic duo and leave you with this quote from Brown School of Social Work at Wash-U

“Your career can affect the systems that create disparity and disadvantage.”

That is 100% the type of person Taylor is. She is fighting for all of the good things and somehow she’s also fighting for me. Which means BIG things will happen and I am so excited for the future.

So that’s it. Pick a couple of dates. Let me know. Let’s get you scheduled for photos this year. If you have any questions let US know.

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